Pancar Electric





Founded in 1979 in Bali, Pancar Electric aims to provide international quality, high-value mechanical, electrical, and plumbing works to institutions and individuals looking for reliability.

We strive to help our customers save money in the long run by doing things right during the construction phase. Often this is not the easy thing to do, but thatís our edge in this business.

Consistency to this creed has earned us a glowing reputation among the competition. From Lombok to Bali to Java, you can find our satisfied customers ranging from the governmentís power company (PLN) central and local units, diamond class hotels, boutique villas, malls and shopping centers, and individual homeowners alike.

Rest assured that all works will be performed by certified, trained professionals. We count on a team of engineers and technicians who have been with us for years to deliver to you competitive estimates and reliable installation on the site.

Pancar Electric is an active member of AKLI (Electrical Contractor Association of Indonesia)